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this is my first day arriving my new home in Hong Kong.
nanny loved everything about me, literally!!
hugged me gently and spoke to me in her soft voice tone.
well guess what, i was meant to be a surprise gift 
from a daughter to her mother.

mommy was very worried before deciding on this purchase.
after all, it's her very first time buying a live animal ONLINE.
worried about frauds, worried about not getting the dogs,
especially worried about receiving puppies that are not of
the small size they wanted in the first place.

and after the careful explanation from Sister Teddy, as well as
speaking with the YouLong crew and seeing the environment 
of the breeding facility via Facetime, mommy finally let down 
her guard and gave 
YouLong Poodle Breeding Facility
total authority to recommend the perfect Teacup 
Poodle teddy bear she's been searching for.

Sister Teddy felt extremely proud to have brought the fates of
Hamizai and mommy together closely through internet.
Taiwan vs Hong Kong, family forever!!


over 30 years of experiences in teacup poodle breeding
(we breed poodles and poodles ONLY!!)
100% poodle adult size and health conditions guaranteed~

with all the love and great passion for Teacup Poodles
Teddy Mommy's been sleeping on the floor with
her poodle teddy bears in order to observe their living habits,
genetic changes, and study their physical and emotional status

the outsiders seeing this would probably think 
Teddy Mommy's gone nuts!

"crazy for dogs"
exactly Teddy Mommy~

questions about caring for poodles?
get in touch with Teddy Mommy or Sister Teddy immediately.
we eat, sleep and live with our Teacup Poodles closely
everyday so we are 100% aware of their current status
and adjust according to possible changes.

we usually repond to questions asked right away
unless there's a time zone difference between us,
the first thing we do in the morning is checking our phones 
and emails in case if there's any unanswered questions.

we provide more than just a after/before-sale service.
it's our promise to all the YouLong poodle owners around the world.
it's our first prioroty to answer any questions you may have
and we are more than happy to do so!!

dear Hamizai, guard granny's smiles with all you can.
and don't forget to write to us from Hong Kong~

Teddy Mommy, Sister Teddy and all the little helpers 
here at YouLong have been missing you heaps.
we wish you eternal joy & happiness!!
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