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ママの違いを見つけてください:ディディ(ポケットティーカッププードルテッディーベア) &メイメイ (極小ティーカッププードルテッディーベア)がミラノから幼隆(ヨ-ロ-)で友人たちに挨拶

oh my precious darling angels.. 
you are both the most precious treasures mommy and daddy 
would sacrifice anything to guard with all their life.
and as for the grooming part, 
mommy does it all by herself of course!

flew to Taiwan personally for more than once, 
mommy exchanged a lot of valuable information regarding 
poodle teddy bears with Teddy Mommy while in Taiwan,

including how to make pocket teacup teddy bears more beautiful
via caring and grooming skills, and mommy also
learned the techniques on how to observe and detect 
the differences in poodle teddy bears on a daily basis.
mommy is now heading towards a poodle professional 
just like Teddy Mommy, so proud of you <3

the most interesting part about having such a rare poodle breed like
pocket teacup poodle teddy bears is that
they are too rare to be found any relevant materials on the internet
the only way to really get to know them is by
spending time and efforts to study them 
and actually make records of your observations.

they make the owners want to dig more knowledge about them
and this will also help them develop good habits such as 
reading and taking notes to help  them learn better.
...it's like back to school and learning to be a good student? =)

and from advancing their personal knowledge, 
the owner's spirit will be greatly enriched, 
and this will also open the eyes and widen the depth 
of the owner's mind to a whole new level! 

YouLong Poodle Teddy Bear Family, 
solely funded by Teddy Mommy, 
is full of poodle owners from all over the world
who's purchased toy, teacup, super tiny teacup,
and pocket teacup poodle teddy bears from YouLong.

we value each other as real family on this platform,
exchange ideas, share important experiences with each other
on caring, grooming, recommended pet snacks and so on.

it's always pleasant to see those private travel spots
and exclusive holiday photos shared by all the 
YouLong poodle teddy bear owners.
(and fine wine and great food too, of course)

feeling tempted to join us already?
hurry and come onboard, Teddy Mommy awaits 
for you at YouLong Poodle Teddy Bear Family!!

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