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ネイホ、 広東語の挨拶: ティーカッププードルテッディーベア ハミザイちゃん

ネイホ、 広東語の挨拶: ティーカッププードルテッディーベア ハミザイちゃん

finally.... after months and months of waiting
i'll be reuniting with mommy in Hong Kong tomorrow evening!!!

mommy and teddy mommy's assistant talked about me alot
on the video-called in the past few months, 
it's a shame that grandma never got a chance to make it
to our video chats, and she could only see me through
some photos and videos.
one thing i'm sure of, is that granny must be just 
as beautiful and elegant as mommy <3

self-installed angel-glow for photos.
that's one handsome dude indeed!!

i ain't a bragger but seriously, 
man i look great in photos~
although i'm at my ugliest time of my life AKA puberty,
even i'm too embarassed to look myself in the mirrors now,
mommy thinks i'm already super cute the way i am now.

just allow me a few more months to let my hair grow,
and when i'm pretty again, 
i'll definitely ask mommy record videos to
 share with my friends.

well hello gorgeous, nice to meet ya. i'm Hamizai. what's your name?
it's good to know we will be sharing the same bed from now on
*watery mouth and eyes full of love*

look at this hot red cotton candy
oh no~ i mean Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear!
hey, i know i look delicious in my big fluffy fur,
but don't you even think about laying your teeth on me!

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