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大きなヘアボリューム: シルバー白いスモールトイプードルテッディーベア香港は初めての経験を旅行します

outstanding body proportion along with 
her super duper LARGE hair volume,
though she's currently going through her
puberty (hair-changing stage),
which is probably the UGLIEST time of her life,
it's not difficult to tell what a beautiful girl 
she will soon grow to be in a few months! 

all poodle teddy bears must go through their puberty stage

this silver-white girl is a small toy size,
and you usually don't see the silver coming out
from the bottom of their body areas until
one year or a year and a half.

as you can see from the photos provided that
she's starting to change colors on her face and all four legs.

especially for puppies with ultra-thick hair,
it's strongly recommended for owners to
take them to pet salons to trim 1/3 of their hair
at 6, 8 and 10 months of age.

this will help to give their hair nice, pretty 
permanent curls in the future.

ps. do not "shave" the hair of your poodle puppies,
it's not going to make their hair grow faster
or for them to become curlier at all,
they will only look hideous for a very long period of time

our tender and careful Mommy Wen can't wait
to give her baby girl a big big hug in HK already!! 
beddings, clothes, toys, snacks...
she's prepared them all and more.
to help her baby get through the hot, humid summer in HK,
mommy even bought an electric fan just for her princess!!
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