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スモールティーカッププードルテッディーベア: Stuck on You, Cola and Pudding from Taichung, Taiwan

Pudding (cream color) and Cola (black color)
would like to introduce themsleves.

ever since Cola's arrival in the house, we've been inseperable,
and i'm happy to have him as my little helper following me
wherever i go, haha.

Cola: sis you're too pretty to turn my eyes away from you,
i can't stand a second without you!!

Pudding: alright darling i know, but we should really finish
introducing ourselves to show respect to our friends

Cola: understood!! (asking for kissie rewards)

here's a lovely picture of our innocent Cola

eyes targeted on our beautiful Pudding 24/7
he just has too much love for his sister

Pudding: cut it out~ you're embarrassing me,
hurry and let mommy finish taking the photos

Cola: nooo i haven't had enough kisses from you yet,
please please just a couple more and i will stop?

Pudding Holiday Specials for the Dragon Boat Festival
i followed the egg balancing traditions on the day,
oh am i not the greatest or what.
i'm fully ready for my rewards now =D

Mommy: err... i thought we were supposed to 
balance the egg vertically and not horizontally
the eggs look like they are sleeping or something... -.-

thinking back a few years ago when mommy first saw Pudding,
she fell in love with her bealtiful cream fur color instantly.

and years went past, the family decided to add another new member
to the family so that their only daughter doesn't feel so lonely anymore.

that's why the family drove all the way from Taichung to Tainan
to speak with Teddy Mommy about bringing Cola home.

Pudding and Cola really clicked since the very beginning,
and as you all know, Pudding and Cola are an inseparable unit now!
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