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スモールティーカッププードルテッディーベア / 5周年記念 バターは香港からこんにちはと言います

5 whole years went past~
mommy is still as beautiful as she's always been,
and don't you think she shines even brighter now?
she'll always be my superstar and i'm her
NO.1 biggest fan supporting her.

yup that's me, Butter, 
half-shown from mommy' s purse.

noticed our family signature?
we all have smiley eyes that speak for themselves
and also the perfect smile line

that's nanny holding me gracefully for a nice photo
look at how happy we are, 
big smiles warm like the Autumn sunshine~

i'm the funny bunny in the family
and also mommy's precious little one.
always neatly dressed whether we're home or not.

soft bedding is my favourite place in the house

well here's my little secret unrevealed
actually... it's because i'm addicted to mommy's
sweet smell in those sheets
that's why it always takes me a long time
to get out of the bed every morning
i just love her smell toooo much!!

although i'm counting down to my 6th birthday,
i still look like a petite soft toy.
and when mom and dad take me out shopping with them
people always thought i'm still a baby

i guess i have the potential to be a beauty guru and
open my own channels on YouTube?
hahaha guess i'm just over-thinking on this one.
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