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Apricot Pocket Teacup Princess JimJim fights against the bedroom thief

mommy is completely crazy for dogs,
this is her fourth purchase from Teddy Mommy
for the Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears
of the best of the best quality.
mommy vowed to collect all colors of Pocket Teacup Teddy Bears,
and now she's already owned teddy bear babies of
RedBlack, and Silver
soon there will be another new teddy member coming
to the family, in her beautiful Apricot fur coat.

mommy often comes to work in Taiwan, and she's taken
the country as her second home already.
and everytime mommy stays in Taiwan, 
she'd take a special visit to YouLong Poodle Breeding Center
to say hello to Teddy Mommy.
it's become a habit of mommy's for many many years...

finally for this very special time, mommy and her friend 
got a chance to stay the night in Tainan,
of course we had to introduce to them
The Slow Lifestyle of Our HistoricalTainan.

The Confucius Temple, Tainan Old Streets,
Lily's Fruit and Icecream Shop...
mommy was totally amazed by the easy lifestyle
and the slow tempo of Tainan.

"absolutely two different worlds compared to Hong Kong
i can't believe i'm seeing the blue skies here!
 *eyes wide open*

perhaps there's a good chance of mommy buying a house
and actually move to Tainan for good after retirement.

look at JamJam's proud little face!!
happily digging into the Giant Mitten Crab with mommy at dinner.
just compare their sizes and it's like omg 
how can she be so petite and tiny and ADORABLE!

JimJim's got the characteristics of a princess.
she will soon be joining mommy and sister JamJam to
enjoy life to the fullest, with good food and fine wine~

my dear little princess JimJim, be good in HK,
keep that beautiful smile on mommy's face,
it's your biggest responsibility now.

you will forever be Teddy Mommy's best and also the prettiest
Teddy Bear Ambassador in HK,
and remember everything you do represents us, 
and your home country, Taiwan!


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