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Thank You all Poodle PaPa & MaMa for giving YouLong Teddy Bears a loving, sweet home!

Special Thanks to all the poodle lovers from all around the world,
for sharing the lives of you and your beloved Poodle Teddy Bears
with YouLong (Teddy Mommy) selflessly.

We can see all our Poodle Teddy Bears are living a wonderful life
with their PaPa and MaMa, cherished with Love and Care.

Teddy Mommy and all her little helpers feel so proud for our
Teddy Bears for behaving so well and bringing laughters and
smiles to their families.

This empowers us to advance ourselves, gives motivation
to improve the quality of our Poodle Teddy Bears,
we vow to spread this happiness to more people,
for them to join us in the fantacy world of Teddy Bears...

Big Round Eyed  Red Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Girl
@ Canada

Sweet and Friendly  Red Toy Poodle Teddy Bear
LuLu @ Australia

Energetic and Active  Red Super Tiny Teacup - Small Teacup
Poodle Teddy Bear Ginny @ France 

Exquisite Look  Black Super Tiny Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Girl
Cotton @ Hong Kong

Charming and Adorable Apricot Super Tiny Teacup - Small Teacup
Poodle Teddy Bear Moku @ Hong Kong 

Petite and Lovely  Black Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear
Juliet @ Australia 

Graceful Beauty  Apricot Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear
Mei Mei @ Belgium

Shining Ruby  Cream Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear
Simba @ Italy

Gorgeously Good Looking  Red Toy Poodle Teddy Bear
Noodle @ UK

Quiet and Obedient  Parti-Color (Black + Red)
Small Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Boy @ Hong Kong

Witty Smart  Red Small Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear
Charlie @ Australia

A Friendly Great Kisser  Red Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Girl
@ Hong Kong


Thank you all once again for all the magnificent photos shared
by our lovely Teddy Bear PaPa & MaMa from all parts of the world.

We hope to see more joyful moments you spend with our
beautiful Teddy Bears and your wonderful family,
stay in close touch!!

YouLong Poodle Breeding Center nurse Poodle Teddy Bears
with outstandingly Elite Bloodlines,
they represent the spirit of Teddy Mommy,
carrying on the legend of Teddy Bear Story for eternity...



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