幼隆(ヨーロー)名犬飼育センター 荻漥孝一おぎくばたかかず
ワンちゃんを日本各地方 へお届けいたします
海外からの問い合わせ +886-963110478(日本語)
店舗のご案内住所 台湾台南市中西区民生路一段144号
ウェブサイト 52993344.com
訪問人数: 1
総訪問人数: 0004004756
Teacup teddy bear baby arrived Hong Kong today! 2016/June/24
Thanks for Hong Kong Miss Wu purchsed the beautiful girl!
special thanks for Hong Kong Miss Li helping us (best friends you are)

Don't be shy mom, we'll meet tonight!
Waiting for me, i
desire for your love hug after long journey( ̄3 ̄)( ̄3 ̄)

Looking my Model body
My mom fell in love a quick glance

Mommy love my Watery eyes♡(*'∀`*)♡ ♡ (*'∀`*)♡
Teddy mommy says you have to coming to Taiwan see my Teddy Bear Home!
You will love it!

Little sister are so pretty!

Teddy bear Face Book VIP family inviting all Dad&Mom
Please check with Teddy Mommy to join it
Family is sharing corner and love concentration camp

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