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East Laning, USA super tiny teacup teddy bear poodle Kimchi
Kimchi super tiny teacup teddy bear poodle
1.2kg(2.6lb)no more bigger!
Before departure look my younger
naivety face
(see more check the below picture)

Taiwan to USA Flight Schedule

Kimchi arrived safely
scene from mommy wire at the first time:

mommy first time purchased
early go to airport
Very excited and nervous to contact with Teddy Mommy confirmation all procedures
but can not see the Pets Reception
Fortunately, through the airport service personnel
and Mummy's clever
Finally found me!!
quickly reported safety for Teddy Mommy

Mommy and Daddy handsome photo
in the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game
Deal, mommy have to take me seeing

Kobe BryantLouis WilliamsJordan Clarkson Cheer!

Back home dress immediately
Kimchi:Feel pretty give me like, i am going to viral!

Daddy and Mommy love me
thank you Teddy Mommy

I am already go to the right place pee!
Mommy praise me clever, it is piece of cake

Mommy take a woke up picture, so Q

Now when i wake up mommy and daddy KISS ♡♡

All is ready, go now

There are many story about United States or other countries YouLong Teddy Bear Poodle
Will continue to put on the website

Recent go abroad babies
Teddy Mommy no eccentric no forget you
Just so Busy!
please forgive Teddy Mommy
Also welcome send more pictures to share everybody

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