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2017/3/15 Reservation List: Your support and trust in YouLong Poodle Breeding Center is much appreciated!
YouLong Poodle Breeding Center 
aims for consistant growth and quality improvements
hence Teddy Mommy runs the business solely and
focus on breeding poodle puppies on our own 

 purchase puppies from other breeders to re-sell
them to customers, we breed our own quality Teddy Bears)

With over 30 years of professional experiences in breeding
ONLY poodles, we have full knowledge of their bloodline
and therefore we are able to make precise estimatation and
gain total control on the outcome of their genetic changes.

It is possible to find all your Dream Teddy Bears here at YouLong,
but a little patience is very important, especially for those who
are looking for Teddy Bears that are uniquely special on their
gorgeous physical appearance and most importantly,
in great health conditions.

After all, some people have extra high standards in their soul mates,
and they want to be anything but ordinary.

We understand how hard it is to wait for your Dream Teddy Bear
just to be ready, therefore Teddy Mommy has decided to release
our current Reservation List so that you know how many people
are waiting ahead of you, and it is perfectly normal for people
to pursuit for the BEST, in terms of their Dream Teddy Bear.

Special thanks to all lovely Mommies and Daddies for your love,
support and strong faith in
YouLong Poodle Breeding Center

(and the list continues, updates will follow by

Gorgeous, beautiful, petite body size Teddy Bear Poodles 
(Super Star / Super Model qualities) are very rare to find,
and it takes all the luck to meet one even on the internet.

Have not yet found your Dream Teddy Bears on our website?
Make your reservation now, it will take you one big step closer
to achieving your dream of finding the BEST of the BEST.

Please refer to our 
Reservation Page for more details,
Contact Us if you have other inquiries.

We offer charts A1-A24, B1-B24, C1-C12 
with up to 60 types of Teddy Bears for your reference.

Get in touch with Teddy Mommy for more questions, don't be shy ;)

Click to see Teddy Bear Reference

Hello Poodle Dad and Mama~
In YouLong we have all kinds of teacup poodles for you.
Red, light red, black, cream, apricot, chocolate, gray and two-colors
Guarantee sweet and small face, bright eyes, short nose and month
tail bits, Topline straight, correct proportion, foot straight
abundance and gorgeous noble qualities
variety of colors all have a perfect body

We assure you that this is the best website of teacup teddy bear poodles.


In YouLong, we have teacup teddy bear poodles,
super tiny teacup teddy bear poodle, pocket teddy bear poodle and toy poodles.
We guarantee the health and size of our poodle puppies.
With the most professional team,
we provide various tips and information about how to raise a poodle.
Every cute poodle is bred and sold directly by ourselves.

We have a five-star breeding center and you can see our quality.
Teddy bear teacup poodles can be delivered all over the world.

The best and supreme toy poodles, teacup teddy bear poodles,
super tiny teacup teddy bear poodles and pocket teddy bear poodles
are at YouLong Breeding Center.


I am Teddy Mommy, and this is the story of our teacup teddy bear poodles.
I can’t wait to introduce you the most beautiful teacup teddy bear poodles,
super tinny teacup teddy bear poodles, pocket teddy bear poodles or toy poodles at YouLong.

On our website we have poodles of many colors such
as: red poodle, black poodle, white poodle, chocolate/brown poodle,
apricot/cream poodle, silver/gray poodle.
We offer many choices on colors,
and we believe you can find the sweetest one, which belongs to you.

We have experiences at professional breeding for more than 20 years.
For our reputation, we only send healthy and strong poodles to our customers. 

Please check and following our official YouLong website. 


For sure you will find the best teacup teddy bear poodles,
super tinny teacup teddy bear poodles, pocket teddy bear poodles or toy poodles.

After you purchase our teacup teddy bear poodles, super tinny teddy bear teacup poodles,
pocket teddy bear poodles or toy poodles,
we are always here to guide you and
answer all your questions about how to raise your poodle.

Teacup poodle hotline: +886972862226 / +886975785398 / +886963110478


Other ways of contacting us:


Line ID : teddymommy
Whatsapp : +886972862226 (main) 
+886975785398/ +886963110478

QQ: 603042543
 / SKYPE: teddy52999
Email: a5299.a3344@msa.hinet.net
(we check out emails everyday!!)



please do not hesitate to contact us if you have other questions~!!

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